Young people need to realize the importance of having a viable financial plan in place for their retirement years at the beginning of their careers. This is because it usually takes number of decades for such individuals to gather the necessary monetary resources to enjoy a high standard of living when they are unable to work due to their old age. Moreover, during this period, they cannot enjoy the benefits of earning a salary or remuneration as a source of income.  However, if they begin to invest in right investment schemes at very early stage of their working lives, it allow such funds to build up and grow over a several of decades. Such a step will go a long way in ensuring they have substantial monetary resources to live a comfortable life during their retirement.


Andrew Corbman, the founder and President of ASC Financial, Inc., says it is critical for young people who are the threshold of starting their careers to think of investing for their retirement years. He cites the following reasons for recommending this investment strategy to such individuals:

·         Having the necessary resources

When people retire from their jobs or other places of employment, they do enjoy certain advantages. This includes cheap medical healthcare insurance in the form of Medicare and social security benefits. However, the amount they receive from the Government in the form of social security is normally a fraction of their previous salaries.Moreover, this money is not enough to maintain the standard of living they have come to enjoy because of their employment. This is the reason why it is necessary for young individuals put their earnings in lucrative retirement investment schemes while still at work. These securities will offer the necessary resources to increase their monthly incomes during that period to maintain living standards they wish to enjoy.

·         Quality of life

Retirement offers people the time and opportunity to pursue certain activities and hobbies, which were not possible during their working lives. However, leading such a high quality lifestyle require substantial amount of money. Being financially prudent and investing in lucrative retirement investment schemes helps individuals lead a comfortable life during their retirement.

·         Life Expectancy

Most medical experts predict that the life expectation of most people living in America will increase. This makes to it important for such individuals to have the adequate financial resources to support themselves during their old age. Investors who put their money in lucrative retirement investment schemes at a young age and allow the funds to accumulate over several decades do not face this problem.

·         Long-term care

As people grow old, they become more vulnerable to chronic diseases and disabilities. In many cases, these individuals may need the services of a caregiver, have to stay in a day-care center or a nursing home. Many retirement investment schemes offer long-term care insurance to those investors who participate in it at an early age.

Andrew Corbman says young working people need to invest in lucrative retirement schemes for all of  the above reasons to get the financial stability they deserve in life!