Baby photography is a niche skill among photographers. Ordinary photographers can become baby photographers with some experience. However, if you are completely new to this aspect of photography then you need to train under an experienced baby photographer in thane. An experienced baby photographer is aware of the niceties of baby photography and nuances of photographing a baby. In fact, there are many nuances of baby photography that you don’t need to follow for ordinary photography. Broadly, there are two kinds of baby photography – outdoor photography and indoor photography. Outdoor photography can be outside the home or in a location. Indoor photography can be inside home or in a studio.


You need to take note of the fact that this form of photography is one of the newest entrants in the domain of photography and you would need experienced hands to help you in this regard. If the photographer has sufficient knowledge he will be able to get the best of the child along with the mother. Kids are pretty moody and one moment they will be crying and the next moment you will have a smile on their face. So, you need to have your camera at full charge to catch hold of those moments.

To have a concise idea about the photographer you can go through their website and see the various types of photos which they have captured and by this manner you will get a fair idea.

Indoor baby photography

Photographing newborns is mainly restricted to indoors. Newborns may come under the weather if they are taken outside. So, they are generally photographed in house. However, if parents are willing they can be taken to studios or even outside. While doing baby photography indoors, it is very important to eliminate shadows. If there is a shadow you have to work around it without taking the baby outside. This is because shadows may prevent you from getting the full image of the baby and capture the expression perfectly. For this purpose, you can use reflectors. A reflector is used to reflect sunlight and help in brightening up the object of photography.


Using props is a good idea to capture a child in different postures and moods. Props are mainly used for newborns. For newborn baby photography in thane you can use a variety of props. Professional baby photographers have a number of ideas about props to be used in newborn photography.

Other ideas about newborn photography

Newborns can be made to lie in a comfortable position and photographed. So, there can be many photography ideas. There is a range of ideas to capture the newborn flanked by parents in different postures. There can be many more of such ideas.

Outdoor baby photography

Outdoor baby photography is mostly suitable for toddlers and young children. However, parents may desire to photograph their newbornsin outdoor settings too.

Photographing babies

Toddlers and young children can be photographed much like adults but with the help of adults. However, babies don’t give much time to be photographed. You have to get the best shots within a short time. Otherwise, you have to divide the photography session in 2 or 3 sessions. Moreover, you should try to get it done by early morning or late afternoon. This is the time the sunlight is mellow and everything looks beautiful.