Although, it is still a few months before the Google Pixel is one year old, the big G would already be finalizing the development of its second generation of smartphones, with the purpose of presenting them around October of this same year. To this day, we already know that the company has in its hands the definitive hardware of at least one of the terminals, as it is rumored that this year there could be up to three different Pixel devices.

And few days ago, for the first time, one of these three terminals Google Pixel 2, would have made its way through the popular Geekbench performance testing website, allowing us to observe some of its most important features, such as processor, RAM amount or Android version with which will hit the market.


Google Pixel 2 in Geekbench

As you can see in the image, the model under the codename Taimen, would have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and Android O as an operating system. This set of specifications leaves us with a score of 1,804 on the Geekbench mononuclear test, and 6,248 on the multicore.

It is a fingerprint reader, a flash and a camera. The latter thus does not protrude from the casing, since its thickness varies from 8.5mm at the top to the bottom 7.3 mm as it is coming with curved display.As with all matrices of this type, the screen smartphone with a wide color gamut that delivers bright colors, as well as almost a reference black.

Camera of Google Pixel 2 is of 16 megapixels, but that’s it. No optical image stabilization, the laser focus. The value of the aperture – f / 2.0, also quite ordinary and undistinguished for the second half of 2016 with Google Pixel which brand has to overcome in Pixel 2. Front 8-megapixel camera with an aperture of f / 2.4, nothing special here either.

Google’s Pixel 2

According to rumors known so far, this new generation of Google Pixel will also be manufactured by the Taiwanese HTC. However, everything indicates that Google? Would have planned to start production of the terminals earlier in order to avoid the distribution problems suffered in the first edition.

Unfortunately, this leak does not reveal more details about the new edition of Pixel smartphones that should arrive later this year. The model Taimen would be the largest of the family, and would be accompanied by Muskie and Walleye, matching the Pixel and Pixel XL respectively. All of them, in addition, would count on the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. Google Pixel 2 Release Date is not known yet, but it would come in October this year on the basis of rumors.