Gone are those days when little kids depend only on pen and paper, and textbooks only gave them the immense joy of reading. In fact, digital methods are intervening in every single section of life, and hence grassroot advocacy is even finding digital platforms to change their online and offline organizing methods. Those who have seen this transformation from the conventional methods of grassroot advocacy to the modern digital ways can easily identify the rapid changes that have taken over the world.

HR Professionals

Jack Bonner believes that even a couple of decades ago, people generally believed the four pillars of advocacy:

  • The rallies
  • One on One Visit to the State Capitol
  • Letter Writing Campaign and Poster Printing
  • Calling Campaigns

Even though these methods have not gone completely extinct, few new and essentially effective ones have even emerged which has left a deep and profound impact on the field of grassroot advocacy.

But before dealing with these, Bonner believes people must have a clear concept of the grassroot advocacy. There are generally two separate branches, and under these two broad categories, the entire field of grassroot advocacy lies in. Firstly, it is the publicly visible advocacy which constitutes of the major advertising campaigns, and secondly, it is the private advocacy which at times takes different ways. Before this digital age was enunciated, the rallies and protests were mainly the most effective means of public grassroot advocacy, but once this new era of digitalization started, there have been multiple multimedia advertising campaigns, which deal more with the methods of perfecting the conventional methods.

But in doing that, Jack Bonner suggests of a few most important factors which play an essential role in designing these advocacy campaigns.

  • Supporters had and will always have separate preferences on how they would like to take the actions. While some would prefer Tweeting, others would like to do it with Facebook posts. So meeting these several platforms is essential, as more the options being provided, the greater are the chances of converting the chances into sure events.
  • Integrating all the calls to action is everything that needs to be done. Having a consistency in strategy is always the key.
  • Those who have already dealt with it know the tricks text messaging play in all these grassroot advocacy cases. Hence implementing them in the campaigns play a major role. The open rate for the text messages in the industry is almost around 99%, and research works have shown that almost 90% of the text messages are being read in the first three minutes.

Effective advocacy campaigns have both the online and offline methods applicable. How successful it would depend on how effectively these effective ways are being implemented. Fighting for a cause is the noblest way of participating in a society, and grassroot advocacy gives the best options of doing it.