There are a plethora of technical SEO issues that can affect your website’s ranking in the search engines. Some may be minor issues but some require immediate attention. Even if your website if full of quality content but it has SEO issues, its ranking wouldn’t improve. The visibility of your website also goes down due to the same.

Dashed out below are the most common technical SEO issues that can hurt your website in multiple ways.


If you are always in a fix about why is your site or its particular page unranked, then you must check it’s ranking. Moreover, it is quite an issue because, without a ranking in google page, your website would never be able to get the organic traffic to your website.


The simplest solution is to go to Google search and type site:{} in the search bar. This will show the pages of your website that are ranked. Though, make sure you evaluate the results well. The result would help you to view the pages you want to be indexed and also the ones that aren’t indexed but you want them to.

301 And 302 Directs

It is really crucial to maneuver the usage and operation of these redirects all over your website. From handling dead pages to combining multiple pages, redirects are truly a savior in the world of SEO. These redirects also help to run the website migrations efficiently.

A 301 redirect is permanent and a 302 redirect is temporary. So, you use 301 directs for permanently redirecting a page, and 302 for temporary redirects. You should cross-check all the URLs on your site in order to overcome redirect issues. In the case of incorrect usage of 302 for permanent redirects, change these redirects to 301.

Odd Word Count

Sometimes, some websites show a fair word count of a few hundred words upon reading page by page but show an unusual and odd word count upon scanning through an SEO tool (more than 5000 words).

This could happen by mistake or may be done deliberately. This could severely impact the loading time of your site. In fact, you might get fined for premeditated cloaking. So, in case you’re facing similar issues, it’s high time you get it fixed through your developer.

Text in Images

Google can somewhat comprehend the texts in images. Although there are numerous sites who hide significant content behind the images. But as a general rule, search engines do not use it in their search queries which mean your important text should not be embedded in an image.

Therefore, do not forget to keep a check on your content and review in case you have been hiding important content behind the images.

In a nutshell, this post is aimed at clearing the most frequently occurring SEO issue which could instantly harm your website’s performance and its potential website ranking. Even if your developer is reliable, you should still keep a check to improve your website’s performance. Contact a good seo company los angeles or wherver you live, soon to review your website and understand the SEO issues in detail because even an issue that seems tiny, may have long-term adverse effects on your website.