We will teach you everything you need to know about Verizon Smartphone unlocks. Just as the logo of the Verizon phone says, this unlock solution is only for the brave. So if you already have Verizon smartphone that is currently under lock with some of the biggest mobile carriers around the world, you will learn today how to remove the lock directly from the database servers on a factory level grade.

But let’s take things step by step. As you know, many operators offer smartphones such as the Verizon at far cheaper prices if the user agrees to sign a contract that he will use only the network services of that particular network only.

unlock Verizon Smartphone

In this way, the Verizon phone is locked and works only with the SIM card from that operator.

If the user tries to insert a new card, it will not be read.

However, due to various reasons a lot of people simply cannot wait till the contract expires and are forced to look for alternative solutions to this problem. Many of whom, even opt in to buy a completely new device.

If you belong amongst this category, you should not rush things because there is perfectly safe method which will not cost you a single dime and which will allow you to remove the network lock on your Verizon locked Smartphone.

Verizon phone Unlock Instructions

 So without further delay, let’s get into business and unlock your Verizon phone.

These are the instructions you must follow:

  • First, download the Verizon Phone Code generator application. You can get this app from our official website. It is absolutely free and there are no hidden fees
  • Install the Verizon Phone Unlock code generator tool on your PC
  • Launch the Program
  • Make sure you know the IMEI code of your phone
  • In  the provided field, enter the IMEI code of the Verizon smartphone and add a valid email address
  • Check your country and carrier into the corresponding fields
  • Now press the “Generate Now” button
  • The code will be created after a few minutes

So once you have the Unlock code generated, the job is almost done. Now in order to unlock the Verizon phone, you will need a new SIM card from a new carrier. Restart your phone, insert the new SIM card and turn it ON once again.

Once prompted, enter the Unlock code you have generated with the unlock application.

The device should be fully unlocked on factory basis if you have followed the instructions exactly as provided.