It is always better to intake natural food items not involving any of the chemical processes or the use of preservatives to increase their shelf life. If one talks about the milk, it is such a food item which one believes that he/she is taking the same to increase the strength and build the body towards the positive side. But the milk these days is not at all natural and pure to drink. The reason behind the same is that the cattleā€™s or the cows giving the milk are either ill fed or not given the right kind of food or else injected to produce more milk in order to earn higher profits and maximum returns from the sale of this milk. All this affects the health of the cattle concerned and thus make them weaker to produce high quality milk. Thus, one can very well say that the milk that we all are taking in is not at all good for our health as a whole and does no good in any of the ways, so one can avoid its intake if possible.

Now some people like Geoffrey Morell are of the view that raw milk should be consumed directly without treating or processing the same. This helps in absorbing the necessary bacteria and useful enzymes keeping the person fit and stronger for a longer period of time. Whereas others say since the milk comes from the cow and other animals, thus it should be processed and packaged accordingly in order to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria and other enzymes.

Thus, from all the above information, one has gathered the fact that milk must be consumed in the best manner and procured from the right sources. Now what does one mean by the right sources? Right sources mean wherein the cattle have been fed in the natural forms and the right kind of food which they must intake and should not have been injected with any kinds of antibiotics or other medicines which get passed to the individuals concerned through the milk these cattles give. So one can say that milk should be bought from the right place and not from the bigger supermarkets which tend to offer processed milk and not the raw milk to the consumers.

Geoffrey Morell believes in feeding the cattle the kind of food which they must intake in order to provide better quality and highly nutritious milk minus any kinds of disease or health related issues. People reckon him and his studies related to the nutrition and food intake in the right manner from the right sources. He is trusted by many all over the world and thus is a well known name in the field of food and nutrition.

In the present times, producers of milk tend to mix various chemicals and powders to make the milk look whiter and healthier but that is not the case. Such milk should not be consumed at all especially by the young children as it might prove harmful for their health and might be the cause for various diseases.