After years of chasing gimmicks, LG decides to just make a good phone.


  • Attractive design + great build quality
  • Speedy performance
  • Meaningful software tweaks to take advantage of 2:1 display
  • Great low-light camera performance
  • Fun wide-angle camera features


  • Glass back prone to scratching
  • Curved corners of display don’t match bezel
  • Only 32GB in most markets
  • Wireless charging exclusive to U.S.

LG G6 Full Review

“No gimmicks” is this year’s LG gimmick.

For the past several launch cycles, it seemed like LG needed to have some eye-catching new thing to attract attention to its phones — a single crutch which would, hopefully, make consumers care about its G-series handsets over Samsung’s dominant Galaxy range.

Simon Dyer, owner at the UK mobile phone site Swift who was lucky enough to play hands on with the new G6 thinks LG are onto a winner. He says: “The G6 pacs a good-looking design, top-notch display, solid performance and battery life — and that’s also boosted by a surprisingly great camera setup with some really fun features. The G6 isn’t exactly cutting edge in every area but it doesn’t need to be and I think this one will sell well.”

Furthermore, it’s nothing unexpected that in 2017 we’re including the LG G5’s absurd secluded framework to that applied dumpster.

Maybe the G6’s 18:9 2:1-viewpoint proportion screen is quite recently the current year’s LG thing, to be disposed of in an additional 12 months or so for the following thing. However, following a couple days of utilizing the telephone in front of its MWC 2017 divulging, I’d contend that it’s more than unimportant gimmickry. There’s a strong, if somewhat downplayed telephone worked around this slender show, and LG’s disposition with its most recent handset is less “take a gander at this insane thing we did” and the sky is the limit from there “take a gander at our cool new telephone.”

LG G6 Hardware

At first look, the LG G6 is both well-known and something of a crackpot. For a 5.7-inch telephone, it’s littler than you’d anticipate. There’s a totally clear purpose behind that — for a current cell phone of any sort, the screen is significantly taller than any past model. And keeping in mind that the bended glass back board has echoes of Samsung’s Galaxy line, the front is forcefully level, with a chamfered metal trim that is basically flush with the show.

LG G6 Software

It’s anything but difficult to take a gander at the product on the LG G6 alongside a V20 (or even a year-old G5) and say that not a mess has changed. What’s more, you wouldn’t be altogether wrong in saying that. The shading palette, adjusted rectangular symbol style and absence of-an-application drawer as a matter of course have held over from the past era. However the way that LG hasn’t totally rejected its product outline and began once again is something to be thankful for. Rather than a totally unique visual style, LG has tidied things up in all cases, to create a UI that resembles an advancement of a year ago’s product endeavors.

As on the Pixel, there are occurrences where Assistant can startle you with its intelligence — like accurately recognizing a building in light of your portrayal. Different elements, similar to the capacity to perceive melodies (something incorporated with the general Google application on Android), are strangely still not there.

LG G6 Cameras

The G6’s double camera setup is certain to be one of the more questionable equipment choices, in light of the fact that on paper it appears like the telephone takes a little however critical minimization (or, best case scenario a sidegrade) contrasted with its prompt antecedent.

Though the G5 has a 16-megapixel primary camera went down by a 8-megapixel wide-edge focal point, the G6 has two 13-megapixel shooters — one wide-edge camera at 125 degrees, with a f/2.4 focal point, the other a f/1.8 focal point, optically settled, at a more customary 71 degrees. For what it’s worth, we’re not discussing any sort of favor 1.4 or 1.5-micron pixel sensors, similar to Google’s Pixel and Samsung’s GS7. You have plain old 1.12-micron pixels at play, which for the most part wouldn’t look good for low light execution.

So there’s equality as far as megapixel tally between both cameras, but since of the dissimilarity in optics, you’d expect the wide edge camera to turn out somewhat more awful in low light execution.

The G6’s new, higher-res wide-point camera is inconceivably fun, and equipped for taking fantastic shots.

I was prepared to be disappointed by the G6’s cameras, quite recently in light of the numbers, and rather I’ve been charmingly astonished. This is a fabulous camera setup, with fine detail execution to opponent a portion of the best out there, incredible element go and punchy, yet not unnatural hues. It’s likewise been incredible to get reacquainted with the 125-degree wide-point camera — a component I cherished in the G5, however soon needed to desert in light of the fact that whatever is left of that telephone was so disillusioning. It’s actual that the distinction in optics diminishes fine detail catch in wide-edge shots, yet at the same time, having the capacity to simply push a catch and catch a truly wide field of vision is unfathomably fun.

The G6 is a reliable camcorder, expanding on the V20’s abilities.

The G6’s back shooters make for a substantially fit camcorder, with programming adjustment includes that you may recall from the V20. Of course, the standard camera improves oblivious contrasted with the wide-edge. What’s more, at an ordinary strolling pace, LG’s adjustment makes a decent showing with regards to of smoothing stuff out, with just insignificant ghosting in harder lighting conditions. Despite everything i’d say the Google Pixel’s video adjustment is better generally, however it is truly close, with the greatest contrast being more discernible obscuring around lighter ranges inside darker shots.

LG G6 Battery Life

The move far from removable batteries allows LG to fit a marginally beefier cell in its new top of the line advertising. Also, that is precisely what it’s done, with an abundant (yet not numerically remarkable) 3,300mAh interior battery keeping the G6 chugging along. What’s more, you’ll have the capacity to quickly squeeze it up utilizing Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0, much the same as the G5.

3,300mAh isn’t a huge measure of juice for a 5.7-inch telephone, yet the G6 oversees fine and dandy in any case.

In any case, at this moment, the G6 is a strong telephone that I can completely suggest. The Korean firm hasn’t accomplished flawlessness here. Rather, it’s an arrival to shape.

Welcome back, LG.