There are generally two types of people who exist – the ones who live to eat and the ones who eat to live. Although, the rising standards and loads of work has led people to forget their need and desire for time. Individuals have lost their appetite due to increased tension, stress, age or maybe no time to have proper meals. Food forms a very important part in our lives rather it is the driving force, which lets us survive. Every problem has a work around and so is the problem of less/no appetite: steroids.

Purpose of Steroids:

Steroids are organic compounds with the four ring of molecular chain arranged in a particular configuration. Steroids are used for many functions: to increase stamina, appetite, gain weights and for treatment. Steroids increase the retarded flow of the hormones thus increasing the deficiency. Steroids are taken by various methods like oral or via needles. The one we are interested in is the steroid which stimulates increased appetite ANADROL, generally taken orally.

Anadrol: Advantages

Anadrol is a synthetically generated male hormone and is used in the treatment of low red – blood cell count i.e. anaemia. It increases the hormones that are directly involved in the production of red blood cells. Red blood cell carries oxygen all around or body and is responsible for delivering energy to each part but since the production decreases in some persons so they feel fatigue and tired. Anadrol increases the energy carriers and hence the stamina is retained. It is the energy booster pumping the energy continuously around the body. This medication’s use is avoided for increasing stamina for any sport events as its side effect is life threatening.


Anadrol: Disadvantages

The side effects may involve sleeping disorders, diarrhoea, and excitation. Generally, the side effects are not serious and it benefits a person more. But it would be wrong to say that steroids cannot have some major disadvantages like mood disturbances which includedepression, aggression, and mania. Many times steroids also block the nerves and blood vessels and thus leading to heart related diseases. Steroids increase the risks of all the diseases like cancer, tumour, diabetes, liver diseases. A steroid hinders the natural flow of RBCs and thus can lead to many organ failures.

Steroids Misuse:

Steroid laws are different across the world. Certain countries do not allow its individual to consume steroids without a legal prescription. Similar is the age restriction. Steroids have been used in a very wrong way since a long time. It has been consumed during sports competition to increase the stamina of the athlete, thus giving them an undue advantage over the others. There are many laws governing the use of steroids in such events.


Steroids can prove very beneficial if used under proper guidance and for proper purpose. Still there is always a way around to avoid steroids as anything that manipulates the natural metabolism cannot be considered healthy. Steroids are like knives in the hands of human who can use it to cut the weeds or behead a person. Choice is ours.